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Software Development and
Mobile Applications for Companies and Startups

With KUBO SAS, the best software and mobile application development agency
improves the way you offer your products and services

Kubo, the touch of King Midas

When you start looking for a technology provider for the development of software and mobile applications for your startup or company, you must select the one that makes a difference in terms of digital transformation, quality, productivity and efficiency. Solid results and successful clients is what drives us. That is why we will be your strategic ally and you will be able to find in Kubo the guarantee of quality and experience in the development of software and digital products to boost the growth of your business.

Time, it is never enough to create an app, it must continue to be developed! You will obtain close collaboration with your project to transform it into the attractive and functional digital product that your business needs. We want your successful experience with Kubo S.A.S. speak for itself and that meets your requirements adjusting to your expectations, with tangible results in the industry such as Laika, Leal, GoPass, Herbalife among others that show that we know how to make products.

Learn More Grupo de pantallas de la app Adivina para jugar adivinar palabras, personas, peliculas, animales, shows, etc Grupo de pantallas de la app Adivina para jugar adivinar palabras, personas, peliculas, animales, shows, etc
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¡Imagine it
what can we do
for your business!

We treat all projects differently based on their nature and requirements, therefore we implement the right methodology and select the software development and mobile app development technologies that best suit your budget technical aspects

Everything starts with a conversation, we listen to you, and we guide you from the analysis of opportunities through the design and construction process, as well as taking advantage of each of the technological solutions and proven processes that we offer and how we can adapt them to your model of business.

Imagine a few months after the launch of your app or marketplace, now you will focus only on managing your business and its growth.

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We are not only experts in Marketplace, Software Development and Mobile Applications, anyone can do this

We know what works and what doesn´t, that´s why we are a company that not only writes code but also becomes part of the DNA of your project, we contribute ideas, we look for solutions to technical or business problems so that you have the expected product. . This is your chance to work 1 - 1 with real industry experts and get real results.

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Since 2008

And counting!


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Quality is Rewarded

Once again reaping success with our customers! We show you some of the awards we have won


WSA 2019

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Best app en he Date Bogotá

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Mundial Sub 20

Top 100 en Google play de mejores apps

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Mejor app PlayBook

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