¡The quality of our services is reflected in the success of our clients.!

Today, more than seven million people use products developed by Kubo, the best mobile application and software development company on the market, since we are governed by the precept of successful products, equal to successful clients. We can say that companies like Carvajal Tecnologia and Herbalife have decided to embark on the path of innovation at the hands of true experts. Alejandro González, innovation team member of Carvajal, affirms that “Kubo is the ally that allowed us to go on the air on time.

With agile developments and highly personalized contact, we meet our time and quality objectives”. No matter the size of the project, we equally offer our services to established organizations and companies as well as to SMEs and startups (with structured projects). Laika is another clear example of this, one of the leading enterprises in Colombia.

Our clients think we are great.

We have specialized in software development and mobile application development since 2008, helping companies achieve success in their projects. That is why at Kubo we offer the following structured services:

Web development:

It is also known as peer-to-peer platform, ranging from backend development to frontend development. Our web team creates highly functional sites for desktop and mobile, all taking full advantage of the robust backend services we use for app development.

We develop Mobile Applications for ios, android...

Our digital product developers use an agile software development approach to ensure your project is exactly what you need and is built to your specifications while keeping costs within your budget. We develop for iOS, Android and native.

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Par de pantallas de la app pidelo para solicitar el transporte del personal de una empresa

These mobile apps are in turn subdivided into:

Mobile applications for transport:

They are the BOOM! This new business model came to completely change the mobility system with the use of technology. Nowadays, mobile transport applications such as Uber, Cabify, Pickup, Beat and many others have achieved great popularity in the main cities of the world. At Kubo S.A.S. We have developed digital projects such as mobile transport and travel applications.

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