We work focused on a process of developing quality software and mobile applications.

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At Kubo S.A.S the software development agency, we help companies to reinvent themselves!

We focus on all projects having high quality rates and with the minimum of errors from their first release to the end user. Because when it comes to projects of a diverse nature, you will not find another team that is more capable and committed.

Mobile application and software development is redefining the way we interact with services and empowering businesses to engage with their customers.

Software and Application Development Life Cycle

We treat all projects differently based on their nature and requirements and therefore implement the appropriate methodology. The steps of all the methodologies are mentioned below

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1.Initial requirements

We talked to you

We study the documentation

Conceptual Research

Contract signing

Benefit Determination

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Monetization strategy

Technology to implement

Project plan

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3.Necessary guidelines

Work team definition

Process programming

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4.Creative concept


We design UI / UX

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Development cycle by sprints

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Uploading to production server

Upload apps to the store

Support and maintenance

Monitoring and performance

Bug fix


How does your company benefit?

Custom Apps

Our digital product developers use an approach based on agile software development and mobile app development to ensure your project is exactly what you need and is built to your specifications while keeping costs within your budget.


The Development of Enterprise Software and Mobile Applications represents a collaborative process. We implement and integrate our developments to different business systems with projects that improve internal processes in companies. Development Methodology

Quality and delivery times

The hyper-competitive market demands mobile applications that are well built, of higher quality and created in less time. This is why Kubo adopted agile development methodologies practices.

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Your idea is priceless and it has the power to foster change. It`s about time you turn it into a profitable app for your business. As a client you will get support with a digital ally and innovation agent for your project.

We guide you in the processes of creation, design and analysis of everything involved in developing a digital platform, also determining which are the points of risk, integration and testing of the operation of your mobile application.

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Create your own online store easily and quickly!

Save time and money by increasing your sales.

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